Sean Vicary & Stephen Knight
Curated by Arcadecardiff

23 October – 30 November 2014

A giant floating paper boat is moored up outside the Venetian front of the Queens Arcade. Below it’s gently rocking hull the Glamorganshire Navigational Company Canal lies buried and forgotten beneath the streets.
Created using 3D augmented reality, this giant boat can be navigated with the wishboat app and an iphone or ipad.

Use the app to create your own personal wishboat and launch it on a journey to Queen Street. Here your wishes and dreams will be released to form part of the bigger wishboat’s hull, which will slowly change over the course of the festival reflecting the wishes that have been submitted.

You can visit the boat in person and view it using the wishboat app or see the latest wishes at www.wishboatapp.com

Download the wishboat app here:

Playing with the Reveal/Conceal theme of the festival wishboat explores aspects of the Queens Arcade's original 1870 Venetian frontage and the memory of the vanished canal, once a vital communication link for Cardiff.



Artist Profile

Tinderfarm is an ongoing collaboration between Sean Vicary and Steve Knight.
Steve’s background in communications software and interactive systems development fused with Sean’s fine art practice and their shared passion for emerging technologies has enabled them to generate compelling work across a wide range of media.

Sean Vicary - often works site-sensitively and is drawn to investigating the links between the subjective, scientific and social/ historical aspects of place; in particular those that are obscure or concealed. Recent projects have explored ideas of liminal space and identity, combining video installation with site-speciifc animation. His moving image pieces have been broadcast in the UK and exhibited worldwide.


Steve Knight- develops for iOS, Android & the web. A tech obsessive living in beautiful West Wales with a wonderful family and too many computers...

Venetian front to the Queens Arcade, Queen Street entrance, CF10 2BY