What is a Place?’

Welsh School of Architecture
From 3 November 2014

Students from the Welsh School of Architecture have designed and constructed installations throughout the city centre to explore the ways in which the perceptions, emotions and behaviour of people – the general public - are influenced by their immediate environment.

The installation project provides a simple but powerful demonstration of how even a small physical intervention can have a profound influence on the ways that ordinary people behave. The designs will be entirely the work of the students – at this stage we can’t say what or where they will be. But if you notice something unexpected in a familiar place, it might be worth you having a closer look…

The project will be conducted by a group of students from Year 5 of the Welsh School of Architecture, studying under the tutelage of the architect Jonathan Adams. The Welsh School of Architecture is part of Cardiff University, and is one of the UK’s leading architectural schools.


Locations to be revealed…