Johana Hartwig
3 October – 9 November 2014

Watermark is a city centre intervention drawing attention to Cardiff's historic canal system. In the Nineteenth century, canals and feeder canals ran through Cardiff, carrying iron, steel and coal to the docks from the valleys. Today, Cardiff's canal system still runs silently beneath city centre pavements. Johana has redrawn part of the route of the Glamorganshire canal onto the pavement using pressurised water.

The path and dimensions of the canal will be kept true to that of the original and specially designed stencils will be used to 'write' the name and date of the canal onto the pavement beside it. The artwork is durational and temporary, visible for between for 1-4 weeks, it will over time fade back into a memory.


Artist Profile
Johana Hartwig responds to the physicality and spirit of spaces and objects. Her work explores issues around value and disposability, linked to human presence in natural and urban environments. Johana's work is mainly site specific and often takes the form of intervention. In 2013 Johana founded Art Shell to help facilitate site specific art activity and is currently researching the hidden waterways of Cardiff and their mapping.

Mill Lane to the Hayes