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Sculpture Trail

Matt Cook
3 October – 9 November 2014

The works encountered on Matt Cook’s Sculpture Trail range from life-size abstract figures overlooking the canal, to discreet works concealed in the surroundings. The sculptures use natural processes such as wind and water to create sounds and movements that mimic those in the environment.

Only a few minutes’ walk away from Cardiff city centre, the Feeder Canal walk is a world apart, a different time or place. The sculptures acknowledge this particular ambience, highlighting and merging with the natural sights and sounds to create a unique experience.

Artist Profile
Matt Cook works with materials he finds in everyday life: objects, sounds, sights, sites, and experience, which he reassembles into installation and performance works that attempt to recreate his experience of the world. He has a particular interest in the city, its ambience and topography, which he approaches through walking, looking, listening, thinking and feeling. He reveals hidden structures in everyday life, sights and sounds that we regularly experience, but don’t usually notice. Common to all his works is a live element, they are sonic and kinetic or demonstrate a real or imagined temporality.

Previous work includes commissions and exhibitions for firstsite, Colchester; Wysing Arts, Cambridge; Chapter, Cardiff; BCA, Bedford. As well as his art practice, Matt also manages Warwick Hall Studios.

Docks Feeder Canal
parallel to Schooner Way (Little Venice)
Guided tour 12pm, Saturday 11 October 2014, starting from The ‘Stute'