Peacecamp 2014

Jemima Brown
3 October – 9 November 2014

Reflecting upon the historic anti nuclear protests at Greenham Common air base, Peacecamp 2014 is from an ongoing series of figurative sculptures using found objects - thermos flasks, hurricane lamps and camping stoves - which celebrate the women who protested against the installation of nuclear weapons at Greenham Common air base in Berkshire.

The sculptures, at 1/3 life size, fuse figurative portraits with found objects - thermos flasks, hurricane lamps and camping stoves - standing in for body parts.

The work celebrates the women who protested at Greenham Common for some 20 years, including those who led the march from Cardiff to Berkshire.

Artist Profile 
Over the last 20 years Jemima Brown has worked in sculpture, drawing, performance and moving image, exhibiting widely in the UK and internationally. Past awards have included a Fulbright Scholarship at UCLA, Los Angeles, and more recently the 2010/11 Mark Tanner Sculpture Award in London. 

Jemima’s practice in sculpture and installation investigates social structures and personal and political histories, often focussing on representations of women and women's own self-images expressed through consumer choices and lifestyles.

Using a wide variety of media she employs formal sculptural decision making, suggested narrative and social critique in order to orchestrate the complex visual narratives involved in self-creation. In recent work she has used manipulations of scale, surface and materials to both disrupt and highlight readings of primarily female cultural personae; ‘the Hollywood starlet’, ‘the Hoxton hipster’, ‘the Greenham Common woman’...

The ‘Stute
St David’s House, 15 Wood Street, CF10 1ER

Opening Times
Tuesday – Saturday
11am – 6pm 

4 October 2014, 6pm