Paradise Lost

26 October – 7 November 2014

ParadiseLost unites established and emerging artists in one of Cardiff’s most iconic disused buildings. Painting, video, installation, sculpture, photography and live performance respond to the unique setting of the Customs & Immigration Building, in a fully immersive art experience organised by the great tactileBOSCH collective in celebration of the memory of Kim Fielding.

Artist Profile
tactileBOSCH’s notorious reputation and infamous ability for unique multi platform exhibitions has enabled the collective to continue and inhabit a range of different venues after closing its doors in 2012.

Conceived and established by the late, irreplaceable artist Kim Fielding, tactileBOSCH occupied a 200-year-old laundry building since 1999, and gave it a second life and alter ego. This regeneration continues with each recent tactileBOSCH toured show, transforming exhibition spaces into almost unrecognisable sensory experiences as contemporary life is examined through the artist’s eye. Adaptable and chameleonic in its nature, the expansive building adopted a new persona with every show, confirming that no parameters should be put on exhibition and performance. The complex dialogue between artist, curator, gallery, location and audience have always been fiercely in motion for this collective.

Former Customs & Immigration Building, 56 Bute Street, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5LE

12 – 5pm

Saturday 25 October 2014, 7 – 11pm