3 October – 1 November 2014

Outcasting: Fourth Wall (O:4W) is the artists’ moving image festival for Cardiff, Wales. The festival commissions new site specific work and has regular screenings around the city and beyond. This year’s festival presents seven commissions in Panopticon, the dedicated Cardiff Contemporary screening space.

Artists featured in Panopticon include David Blandy, Richard Bowers, Alison Crocetta, Barnaby Dicker & Thomas Goddard, Heloise Godfrey-Talbot, Laura Reeves and Alan Warburton.

Artist Profile
David Blandy’s  Sea of Ice / Wreck of Hope / Walk at Dusk is a three screen video work that forms a meditation on our relationship to the sublime in the digital age.

Richard Bowers has filmed the hands of both a pianist and a signer for deaf people and edited them into a ‘score’ forming the basis of an imitative performance by movement artist, Jo Fong in Manuscript II Part i – In Slower Motion.

Alison Crocetta's On Poppies is a moving image installation about the cultural significance of the poppy flower within historic and contemporary contexts. 

Barnaby Dicker & Thomas Goddard, are collaborating on a film The Farthest Point of Navigation…With An Idea at the Back of it – a fictional reconstruction, to be precise. As alter-egos Marlow and Conrad hired by the shadowy Alpha Mail Order Shipping Co. they must solve a convoluted puzzle, journey up the rivers Taff and Tawe and locate the Kong.

Heloise Godfrey-Talbot has looked at different ways to communicate with the world around us in her film Getting to Know You II, particularly looking at domestic and commercial settings. Can we do it digitally? Through singing? Through touch?

Laura Reeves’ project is The Painter is not an Imbecile in which she has made a documentary-essay film investigating her mum’s failed artistic dreams in the setting of her parent’s home and the Essex Estuary, exploring links between her mum and Cezanne.

Alan Warburton's DemoGraphic involves creating a computer-generated film that depicts a voyage through a series of detailed but deserted conference rooms, each leading to the next like a hacked video game.

6-7 St David’s House, Wood Street, CF10 1ER

Opening Times
Thursday - Saturday, 12pm - 6pm