One Minute Sculptures

Erwin Wurm
3 October – 9 November 2014

One Minute Sculptures is the most celebrated work by the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, in which he documented time-limited sculptures using the human body and everyday objects. A selection of these provocative, engaging and funny large-scale photographs are exhibited at Cardiff Central Station.

Passengers using Wales's busiest transport hub will be treated to a taste of Wurm's irreverent humour in a series of photographs which question sculpture, consumerism and everyday behaviour.

Artist Profile
Erwin Wurm says, “One Minute Sculptures is a series of work that I started in the 1980s in which I explore questions around sculpture, art and society - can a physical object become a sculpture? Can art combine humour and pathos? What kind of sculpture best reflects a consumerist society built on ephemeral objects? I use photography to document these time-limited performances or sculptures, in which people act out my instructions, using everyday objects from their environment, such as chairs, pens, boxes, to create short-lived, dynamic and sometimes absurd sculptures.”

Cardiff Central Station

Curated by Other Spaces