good cop bad cop
4 – 8 November 2014

For Occupation, good cop bad cop ask us to imagine Cardiff as a vast film set – a city populated by extras and filmed by hundreds, thousands of cameras – surveillance, security, mobile phones and the film and TV industry. The back-story of this film is of a city under siege, and the protagonists of Occupation are not the main characters, but the Extras whose task it is to blend in to the background for purposes of authenticity.


Artist Profile
John Rowley and Richard Huw Morgan have worked as professional performance makers in Wales since 1990, as key members of Brith Gof, Pearson/Brookes and as founders of Das Wunden and since 1996 as good cop bad cop (gcbc). Their work has been characterised by a continuous willingness to experiment with both the form and content of performance practice.

Their concerns are always with the creation of a direct experience for audiences in real-time, collapsing the creation of the work and its presentation to the audience into a shared time and space. Their skills lie in their joint history of creating original works relevant to various contexts within which the work is situated. This 'real-time' experience may be re-presented via other media such as video, vinyl or broadcast radio.

gcbc is acknowledged by the British Council as key exponents of contemporary British performance, through inclusion in their performance showcases in Edinburgh 2003, 2007 and Gijon, Spain 2009; by research support from Arts Council Wales; and inclusion in the Welsh Government's Dylan Thomas 100 celebrations with their work Lleisiau in 2014. In 2011 they began broadcasting their weekly arts radio programme, 'Pitch' on Radio Cardiff, 98.7FM and www.radiocardiff.org.

Locations to be revealed…