Let The Stars Be Set Upon The Board

Megan Broadmeadow

Megan Broadmeadow’s new work explores the mystery of the Antikythera Mechanism; a 2,000 year old piece of technology that was found in the Aegean Sea, which has been attributed as the world’s earliest computer. This new installation features video projection and ancient calendars, using the notion of wave as metaphor for communication between people and cultures both past, present and imagined.

Artist Profile
Megan Broadmeadow (b.1978) is a Welsh artist who lives and works in Bristol. She creates immersive installations and sculptural work which include combinations of soundscapes, videos, lights and illusions. She was the holder of the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award from 2015 -16. She has further forthcoming solo presentation at Plymouth Arts Center in November 2016 and at CPG London in 2018.

The Angel, Castle St, Cardiff CF10 1SZ

Tuesday – Sunday, 11:00 – 18:00


Image courtesy the artist