Welcome to Cardiff Contemporary, the citywide festival celebrating contemporary visual culture. Over a four-week period you will be able to experience a rich and diverse programme of exhibitions, events and activity across the city, created by Cardiff’s communities of artists, designers and architects.

Cardiff Contemporary 2016 will continue to celebrate the visual arts in Cardiff, helping to establish Cardiff as a progressive world city for contemporary art and innovation. Following on from the success of the 2014 festival season, artists from Wales and beyond have been invited to make and showcase new works that respond to the theme ‘Communication’, inspired by the first wireless signal transmitted by Marconi in 1897.

Since that first communication, which began [allegedly] with the question “Are you ready?” transmitted in Morse code, modes of communication have proliferated and contemporary artists and makers have increasingly exploited new technologies to extend the reach of their work. But, above all, the arts are about a conversation between maker and viewer/audience.

A Cardiff Council initiative, the festival has been developed in partnership with Cardiff’s visual art, design and architecture communities. It recognises the city’s wealth of creative talent and activity, and promotes Cardiff as a platform for a collective, creative vision.


You can tell us what you think of Cardiff Contemporary in a number of ways: tweet us @CardiffContemp, visit the Cardiff Contemporary Facebook page, speak to one of the artists or live guides on hand, or write to us at cardiffcontemporary@cardiff.gov.uk or Cardiff Contemporary, c/o Cardiff Council, Motorpoint Arena, Mary Ann Street, Cardiff, CF10 2EQ