Experimentica14: Co-Existence Has Never Been Easy

5 – 9 November 2014

Experimentica hosts a dynamic programme of live art, performance and interdisciplinary projects and offers a significant platform for UK and international artists to produce or introduce their work. This year’s festival takes its title from the 2009 science fiction thriller ‘District 9’ (directed by Neill Blomkamp), a multi-layered allegory that explores our attitudes to outsiders. The title is not a theme but rather a starting point in which participants can explore how we co-exist.

Established in 2001, Experimentica is Chapter’s annual five-day Festival. It can be entertaining, dangerous, confusing, life affirming, playful, provocative, witty, engaging, irritating and everything in between.


Artist line-up
Tim Bromage, Gavin Krastin, Matt Ball & Tracy Harris, Nathan Walker, GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN, Cian Donnelly, Sam Playford-Greenwell & Lucie Akerman, Karen Christopher, Phil Hession, Cathy Gordon, Dustin Harvey & Adrienne Wong, Mark Leahy, Threatmantics, Sian Robinson Davies, Eleanor Sikorski & Alberto Ruiz Soler, Karen Mirza & Brad Butler, Paul Hurley, OFF THE PAGE, Andre Stitt, There There, Beth Greenhalgh & John Abell, Iwan ap Huw Morgan, Haranczak/Navarre, Lolo y Lauti, Florence Peake & Jonathan Baldock, good cop bad cop

Artist Profile

Carlos Bunga, Portugal – National Museum Cardiff
Originally trained as a painter, Portuguese artist Carlos Bunga has been experimenting with the crossover between painting and sculpture for more than a decade. Creating large, site-specific installations Bunga’s work explores the relationship between doing and undoing, transience and permanence, unmaking and remaking.

Omer Fast, Israel – National Museum Cardiff
Taking key historic and contemporary events as his subject matter, Omer Fast creates layered film installations that examine modes of storytelling and the ambiguities of communication. His dramatized films, characterised by high production values, often explore how the constant stream of information produced by our global society can influence the artist and audience’s capacity of assimilating perspectives and facts.

Theaster Gates, USA – National Museum Cardiff
Theaster Gates' practice includes sculpture, installation, performance and urban interventions that aim to bridge the gap between art and life. He works as an artist, curator, urbanist and facilitator, and his projects attempt to instigate the creation of cultural communities by acting as catalysts for social engagement that leads to political and spatial change.

Sharon Lockhart, USA – National Museum Cardiff
Sharon Lockhart works with individuals and groups to make still and moving images that are both visually compelling and socially engaged. Her collaborations sometimes span years, working closely with her subjects to understand aspects of their lives. The resulting films and photographs embody a shared creative experience.

Renata Lucas, Brazil – National Museum Cardiff
Using basic building materials (plywood, bricks, concrete), Renata Lucas manipulates urban spaces and architecture to intensify the tension between inside and outside, public and private, past and present. By altering, tampering and intervening with public or architectural spaces the artist gives way to different social structures, less rigid, more playful, where the individual has a voice in creating the environment and social structure in which they live.

Sanja Iveković, Croatia – Ffotogallery
Over the last four decades, Croatian artist Sanja Iveković has developed a pioneering practice that tackles issues of female identity, the politics of power, consumerism and the paradoxes inherent in society's collective memory. A feminist, activist, and video pioneer, Iveković was a founder and a member of a number of women’s non-government organizations in Croatia such as Elektra- Women’s Art Centre, The Centre for Women’s Studies, B.a.B.e and the Women’s Human Rights group.

Ragnar Kjartansson, Iceland – Ffotogallery
A deep understanding of drama and pleasure transpires from Kjartansson’s work. Coming from a family of actors, the artist often mentions in interviews that the rituals of rehearsing a single scene over and over have contributed to his fascination with repetition. Best known for his endurance-based performances Kjartansson’s work attempts to convey sincere emotion and to offer a genuine experience to the audience.

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, UK – Chapter
Mirza and Butler have worked together since 1998, developing a multi-layered practice which challenges terms such as participation, collaboration and the traditional roles of the artist as producer and the audience as recipient.

Renzo Martens, Netherlands – Chapter
Dutch artist Renzo Martens lives and works in Brussels and Kinshasa and is best known for his satirical and disturbing video documentaries set on war-torn countries. He is also the creative director of the Institute for Human Activities, an institution that aims to recalibrate the economic gap between zones of contemporary artistic intervention and zones of contemporary artistic reception.

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