Empty Walls Project

Until 26 October 2014

Empty Walls combines over 20 local and international street artists to create an outdoor gallery of Folk inspired, public murals in Cardiff’s city centre and surrounding areas.

Curated by Sam Worthington and Helen Bur, part of the Modern Alchemists art collective.

Empty Walls Project aims to bring colour, culture and vibrancy to the city of Cardiff by creating an outdoor gallery of public murals inspired by the theme of Welsh & British Folk. By combining over 20 local and international artists through the global language of street art this project aims to enhance the cities cultural heritage and reflect the vibrancy of it’s people by creating a visually arresting city that captivates, questions and inspires.

The project spans over a month with artists travelling in from Germany, Italy, Montevideo, & Spain, as well as London, Bristol and Cardiff. Check their website for specific artists painting times and a map of the walls. The project will also be accompanied by an exhibition in The Abacus that will run from the 26th September – 14th October, showcasing in-gallery work from both the artists painting on the streets and more. 

Artist Profile
Sam Worthington and Helen Bur are part of the Modern Alchemists art collective and are the Empty Walls Project organisers.

They are both practicing artists themselves and also co-direct and manage The Abacus, a new contemporary artspace and gallery in the centre of Cardiff. This is the second year they have run the Empty Walls project.

Various locations around the city