in solution
David Barnes

14.10 – 03.12.16 

Ffotogallery presents David Barnes’ ‘in solution’.
In this new Ffotogallery commission, the artist
investigates the tension between local and
global cultures in formulating ideas of place and
identity. The work ranges from micro obsessive
documentation of a particular locality to inside
studies of Masonic organisations in Wales - the
first time a UK artist has been granted such
long–term access.

Artist Profile
David Barnes’ ‘expanded’ documentary practice moves seamlessly between the still and moving image. For over 20 years, his work has centred on ‘small nation’ communities, family and identity in Europe (with a particular focus on South Wales). Although grounded in documentary, his work is intended to be what he characterises as a ‘conversation’ rather than a singular representation of people and place. The artist has exhibited widely in the UK and Europe, including in Germany, Poland, France and Italy. Winner of the Photographic Award in Wales Artist of the Year 2013. Senior Lecturer in Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales Newport and PhD researcher with the European Centre for Photography.

Turner House, Plymouth Rd
Penarth, CF64 3DH

Tuesday – Saturdays, 11:00 – 17:00

mage courtesy the artist