Daniele Sambo


Venetian artist Daniele Sambo is collaborating with residents and small businesses to explore and reclaim the city’s unused and forgotten urban spaces. Under the cover of darkness, Daniele will re-imagine the city by creating temporary light installations powered by local people.

Daniele's practice is on the boundaries between installation and photography, where one support the other. Motivated by involving people and making work in the public, Daniele aims at creating a diverse and often completely unexpected audience. Daniele lives and works in Glasgow 

Daniele Sambo is an artist who works with photography and installation. With a background in urban and landscape planning and design, he has in recent years developed an interest in public art and photography’s role as a vehicle for change. Daniele is constantly challenging the boundaries of his practice, looking for a direct exchange of knowledge and dialogue, where the processes are very often concerned with how the work interjects and discusses community.