Call Mum

Dominic From Luton
3 October – 9 November 2014

Dominic from Luton has Call Mum written on his left hand every day in black biro. He describes it as 'an advert of love in the monotony of our daily lives.' For Cardiff Contemporary, Dominic from Luton would like to share this simple yet universal statement with the citizens and visitors to Cardiff. Commissioned by Locws International, Swansea, for Cardiff Contemporary.

Artist Profile 
Dominic Allan is one of the most exciting, extraordinary artists in the UK. He has secured a substantial reputation as an innovative artist whose practice takes unexpected twists and turns. His work offers access points through which we can consider history, identity, geography, space, place, sport, culture, and so on, particularly the ways in which they impact on our own lives. Dominic Allan is in effect able to create for us a window onto and into the wider world.

Cardiff Castle battlement, Castle Street, CF10 3RB

Launch Event 
Call Mum Flag Launch
Nye Bevan Statue
Queen Street