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Edwin Burdis – A Car Park In Cardiff

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Spit & Sawdust have invited artist Edwin Burdis to create a filmed response to the skateboarding scene in South Wales. This new work will be accompanied by a programme of events that explore our rights as citizens to use public space for creative and community activity.

Burdis has composed a cut and paste soundtrack including spoken excerpts and opera performances of pop hits. The ‘libretto’ is based on interviews and meetings with skateboarders, security guards, and others.

All the material for the work has either been created by Burdis or physical versions have been found and manipulated. This research intentionally bypasses the internet. Burdis goes in search of ‘feeling’ through objects, images, sounds, and wants to reflect the specific relationships we have with tangible things.

Burdis has a particular interest in fashion and sub cultures, architecture, nostalgia and youth.

A poster work and text piece complement the main video. 

3-7 Duke Street Arcade

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Sunday, 11am-6pm 

Curated by Spit & Sawdust
A project commissioned for Cardiff Contemporary Festival 2016

Accompanying Programme


Haunts, 20th October to 19th November
A small exhibition of scene videos and photographs showing the history of skateboarding in South Wales.

Film Screenings

‘The Devils Toy’, 1966 & ‘This Ain’t California’, 2012
17.11.16, 18:30

An evening of films that explore the social under–belly of city life and street activity, free public expression and the abandon of youth.


Kieron Livingstone, 10.11.16, 18.30pm

Kieron Livingstone gives us an insight into his view on what and who civic space is for, what rights we as residents have to our city and it’s ownership.

Kieron Livingstone is an artist and musician based in London. He is also Editor of The Nervemeter Magazine, an independent not-for-profit publication sold on the streets by people in need of money with no full time work