Births, Deaths and Shuffles

6 November 2014

The most significant events of our lives – our births, marriages and deaths – are recorded in the anonymous edifice of the Cardiff Registry Office. madeinroath have taken the data stored there and, using the medium of tap dance, will communicate and celebrate to the city these key moments. Updates about the project including event information can be found at

madeinroath festival, from October 15 – 22, is an artist led community arts festival which fills Roath with art and brings artists and the local community together in a wide array of exciting, imaginative and thought-provoking ways. For more information about the festival visit

Using the recoded data, madeinroath will be using a variety of archaic and yet familiar forms of communication to tell the story of the city’s lives. Working with choreographer Olivia Armer, performances, workshops, participatory events and tap shoe conversion sessions will be taking place throughout October, including key events at The Roath Park pub on City Road and at ArcadeCardiff on October 18 – 19. For more information about events happening throughout the festival please visit

Artist Profile
madeinroath is Helen Clifford, Gail Howard and Becca Thomas. As individual artists their various practices incorporate sculpture, curation, action and installation. As madeinroath they organise an annual community art festival which brings the local community and artists together through a multitude of events and happenings. Births, Deaths and Shuffles is the first time they have collaborated as a three piece to make a new work which is a departure for them individually but uniquely madeinroath.

Cardiff City Hall, King Edward VII Avenue, Cathays Park CF10 3ND ‎


plus further events and locations to be revealed…